KoL Description: This is a man's drink. It'll put hair on your chest, and if you already have hair on your chest, it'll grow hair on your hair. If you left it on the counter next to anything with a little umbrella in it, there'd be carnage when you came back.

Also, since it's a shot of whiskey combined with a nice strong lager, it's two - two - two drinks in one! Not only super-macho, but efficient as well.

My recipe: Shot of whiskey in a glass of lager. I have several very close friends that were (Purdue) Boilermakers. My cousin was a Boilermaker. My grandfather was a Boilermaker. The first time in my life I got drunk was during a visit to Purdue for Grand Prix weekend. You'd think that would make me feel something for this drink, but I still didn't like it much.

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