Bungle in the Jungle

KoL Description: This is a drink made of bananas and rum, with an umbrella in it, and that's all right by you. Watch out, though -- too many of these and you'll be too drunk to notice that 'Friday' doesn't rhyme with 'Sunday'.

My recipe: Got a little creative with this one. Rum, banana yogurt, milk, and a little paper umbrella. I figured the yogurt could be my extra "magical" ingredient, making this sort of like a lassie (the Indian yogurt drink, not the dog). I think it might have been okay if I hadn't put far too much alcohol in it. I'm convinced there is more room for yogurt-fruit-based alcoholic drinks, though. That part of the theory seems sound. Also, I absolutely love drinking umbrella drinks. They really are many times more fun. I think the bungle's huge stat gain in KoL is entirely justified by the unusualness of this drink.

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