Corpse Island iced tea

KoL Description: This is an alcoholic beverage made out of several different kinds of spirit spirits (the ghosts, obviously, of alcohol that was consumed in this life). There's no such place, sadly enough, as Corpse Island. Blame it on the lame naming conventions of the cheesy bars in the afterlife. We're just lucky it's not called a "Corpse Island Fatali-tea," or something worse.

My recipe: Equal parts tequila, rum, gin, vodka, and orange liqueur. A double portion of Rose's lime juice, and a 4 parts of cola. These things get nasty quickly if the measurements aren't precise, in my experience. Also, I've been wanting to do the corpse drinks for a while but had to wait for Halloween to find a neat skull mug. Even if it's cheap plastic, it's fun.

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