Whiskey bittersweet

KoL Description: This is a drink made with whiskey and kumquats. It's not as sour as one made with lemons. Generally, people have trouble tasting this drink, so they drink 'em until they're tired and naked.

My recipe: Kumquats are a very difficult fruit to find when you live in a small mountain town. The best I could do is find some kumquat preserves. I didn't even know what a kumquat was, but according to the bottle it's a "small, delicate orange." Problem solved! I mixed the kumquat jelly in orange juice and added whiskey. It was far more sweet than bitter, I have to say. Also, the jelly didn't mix well, so it was basically all in the last mouthfull of drink--bits of peel and all. I can't even imagine what I'll go through when I get to the mushroom wines ... ugh.

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